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About the Website:

The Logics is the hobby creation of Larry Gowdy. The website is not directly affiliated with any ideology or social organization.

About the Website Design:

The Logics website was designed to self-adjust to 800x600 and higher screen resolutions. It is the creator's opinion that the site looks best on 1440x900 and with an Internet Explorer® browser maximized for full screen (press the F11 key to observe the effect; FireFox and Netscape users can temporarily remove the status and tool bars through the 'View' menu and then press F11 to get a similar effect). An earnest attempt has been applied to create a website that is compatible with the greatest number of visitors' screen sizes and browsers, while the website simultaneously attempts to maintain the best balance of graphic sizes for the higher resolution monitors. Special gratitude is given to for providing the excellent and free web hosting.

About the Website Topics:

The information presented on The Logics website is drawn from the author's personal knowledge base. The topics span a small portion of what the author feels is useful information.

How to Contact:

Please visit The Logics Information Page for information of how to contact the author.

About Copyrights:

All photographs, graphics, and text used throughout this website are original copyrighted creations of the author except for the public domain photographs (as noted at the bottom of the photographs). The author retains all legal rights to all personally created content and use. Permission is given to copy/quote portions of The Logics web pages for non-profit use (i.e. in a blog, forum, or school use, but never for commercial or financial gain) if the quote is accompanied with the author's name and the URL address that the quote was taken from. Use Intelligently - Don't Abuse Ignorantly.

All contents, graphics, and photographs are Copyright©2007,2010 by Larry Neal Gowdy. All Rights Reserved