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The Logics is an introduction to Nature-based logic.

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1. Myths, Facts, and Lies About Prodigies - A Historiography of William James Sidis

The common belief that William Sidis had a 250-300 IQ as an adult is a myth. No known evidence exists to support the IQ claim, but there is ample evidence of how the myth was invented. Numerous myths about William Sidis are easily verified to have been inventions by newspaper reporters and biographers.

Platonic Dialogs

Below are four of the Nodin dialogues available on this site. A collection of all publicly available Nodin dialogues are listed on the right side of the page and viewable on website. The purpose of the pages is to present concepts of Nature-based logic in a style of conversation that the general public might find entertaining and educational.

I. Natural Laws

II. Observation

III. Firsts

IV. Mind of Prodigies

Dialogues of Nodin and William


Natural Laws - Accuracy in logic requires that there first exists a fixed point of reference to base all reasoning. The only possible fixed point is Creation itself. 2007, 2008

Observation - Without first-hand observation, all logic must rely on a faulty imagination. Correct observation requires more than a visual glance. 2007, 2008

Firsts - Which came first, man-made things or Nature? Most people have difficulty answering that question correctly. 2007, 2008

Intelligence Versus IQ - IQ and intelligence are not synonymous. IQ tests cannot accurately measure real-world intelligence. 2007, 2008

Mind of Prodigies - It is not possible for the non-prodigious mind to comprehend the thoughts of the prodigious mind. It is also illogical for non-prodigies to write biographies about prodigies. 2007, 2008

Religion - Is religiosity the act of faith in an unknown? Disbelief in a religion, without first observing the religion through first-hand experience, is religiosity. February 3, 2008

Right and Wrong - Schools teach children that there is no right or wrong. Natural laws declare otherwise. March 13, 2008

Science - Inquisitiveness and observation are actions; verbs. Placing a noun upon a verb creates a false deity. March 14, 2008

The Scientist - He who can, does. He who cannot, believes. March 17, 2008

The Mystic - The eye of the needle of science is not the only passage to knowledge. March 21, 2008

Inward Natures - External observations cannot measure internal natures. Man cannot know the nature of anything, but a small portion of himself. March 24, 2008

Origins of Myths - Though two things may have similarities, the similarities do not dictate sameness of origin. April 08, 2008

The Monk - It is the man who walks a path; the color of robe has no relevance. April 08, 2008

External Behaviors - He who walks many paths, has a many-colored robe, but the soul is not the robe. November 14, 2008


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